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What Affects A Credit Score?

Knowing what affects your credit score is perhaps some of the most important information you can acquire in your life. Why? Many of the acquisitions that matter to most people like buying a home, getting a loan for a new car, obtaining an additional credit card or even a landing a good job can be positively or negatively affected by your credit score. Full story »

Your Credit Check vs. Your Credit Score

With all of the jargon floating around regarding your credit, it can be easy to get things like a credit check confused with your credit score and your credit report. Full story »

What is a Good Credit Score?

One of the most popular questions today, whether it be on the news, TV, radio, magazines or the Internet is "what is a good credit score"? Many people wonder, but don't know, what number actually constitutes a good credit score? The short answer - a score above 700 is considered not just a good but an excellent credit score. A good credit score may not be the same as winning the lottery, but it plays a very important part to your financial future. Full story »

Average credit rating in the US is 670. What's yoursAnatomy of a credit scoreSee Your Credit Score Now
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