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What Is The Highest Credit Score You Can Have?

What is the highest credit score you can have? The answer to that question is essential when you're interested in attaining some of life's most important goals. Those people with the highest credit scores have special status and rewards unavailable to those with lower credit scores. Typically, 720-850 is deemed the highest credit score range, but any score above 700 is considered very good.

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Since the highest is usually harder to achieve, most people would also like to know - what is the lowest credit score or the range from lowest to average to highest? That is 300 to 850 (average is 600s and 700s).

Who bestows the highest credit scores and all their accompanying powers on those special consumers? The company is Fair Isaac Corporation or FICO®. Their credit scoring system created the famous "FICO score." It is the primary foundation or practice used to calculate credit scores by the three credit rating bureaus or agencies:

  • Equifax
  • Experian
  • TransUnion

These credit scoring agencies then sell your FICO score (based on your credit history) to such institutions as lenders, credit card companies, insurance companies, and the like as a means of determining your financial reliability and whether you are a good lending risk.

In fact, high credit scores are often your ticket to lower interest rates, greater access to most loans, credit cards and better insurance rates. So having the highest or at least a good credit score gives you extra financial clout when acquiring credit cards, buying a house, getting an auto loan, or even landing a new job!

Regrettably, the highest FICO score or any credit score for that matter is not fail-safe because each credit reporting agency determines your score from different credit histories. For instance, your credit history from Tans Union may be more or less extensive or up-to-date than your credit history from Experion or Equifax. You could have a top score with one bureau, an average with another or even a poor credit score with another! This means that some people are shut out unnecessarily.

Another drawback is that consumer reporting agencies and other companies occasionally use an estimate of your credit score as a general overview of your credit risk

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An Even Higher Credit Score?

In response to these problems, the three credit bureaus have developed a more sophisticated calculation method called VantageScore, What this new credit scoring system is designed to do is use a combined scoring approach from all three credit bureaus. Therefore, results should produce a smaller margin for error from bureau to bureau.

The VantageScore is similar to the FICO but the highest credit score is 990. The credit score range is not 300-850 but instead ranges from 501 to 990. Additionally, VantageScore makes use of letter grades:

  • A: 900-990
  • B: 800-899
  • C: 700-799
  • D: 600-699
  • F: 501-599

The FICO score is still the main tool that lenders use to find top credit score holders, but the VantageScore is gaining popularity because it breaks up credit utilization more accurately and also examines recently reported balances and the amount of credit available.

What is your credit score? Monitoring your credit scores on a regular basis from the three main bureaus with can help you achieve the highest credit score or maintain your good credit score. Even improving a poor or average credit score is wise, very doable and gives you greater financial control over your future.

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