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Your Credit Check vs. Your Credit Score

With all of the jargon floating around regarding your credit, it can be easy to get things like a credit check confused with your credit score and your credit report.

First, a credit check is the inquiry into your credit history that banks, lenders, property owners, and even employers can make when considering you for a loan, rental agreement, or job. When someone conducts a credit check on you, they will do so by getting copies of your credit report, or looking at your credit score.

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Your credit report is a report on you from the three major credit reporting companies regarding your credit history. A credit report will have records of what you owe and to whom, how good you are about paying it back, anything in public records like judgments and liens, and even previous addresses and some personal information. The idea is that the better your credit history, the more trustworthy you are to lend money to, allow into a property, or hire for a good job.

However, banks and lenders don't often want to spend time poring over your credit reports from three different companies. It's time consuming and tedious. Instead, they often decide to lend or not lend you money based on your credit score.

Your credit score is a three digit number that, through formulas and calculations, reflects how good your credit history is. The higher your credit score, the better your history, and the more likely you are to be a good bet when it comes to lending money. The lower your score, the less likely you are to be offered assistance at good rates.

If you're not sure what your own credit information says about you, conduct a credit check on yourself. Get copies of your reports from all three credit reporting companies, learn about your credit score, and make yourself familiar with your own financial history.

If you discover that your credit score isn't as good as you'd like it to be, speak with a credit counselor about the fastest way to improve your credit and boost that score.

By running regular credit checks on yourself, and keeping a constant eye on your finances, you'll find your score going up in no time!

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