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The Employee Credit Check

You're probably aware that many employers will check references, verify your education, and even perform drug tests before they will hire a new employee - but what many potential job-seekers aren't prepared for is the employee credit check.

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In today's world, personal or sensitive company information is as lucrative as cold, hard cash. American businesses lose billions a year when employees take advantage of their positions of power, and in order to minimize such damage many corporations include an employee credit check as part of the requirements for a new employee.

The idea is that potential employees facing serious financial problems are more likely to steal cash, or important information that can be sold elsewhere. It also stands to reason that someone who is disorganized with money shouldn't be in charge of the large sums that are associated with a big company.

An employee credit check will include your past credit history, anything in public records like judgments and liens, and often will list several of your previous addresses.

If you've never seen your own credit history, or you suspect that it isn't as good as you'd like it to be, it's important to get copies of your credit reports before you are subject to an employee credit check. Knowing and understanding your own credit history can help you to pinpoint errors, identify possible identity theft, and make the kinds of improvements that will boost your overall credit score.

If your credit score isn't great, speak to your potential boss before he or she conducts the employee credit check. Explain your situation, and have evidence of the steps you've taken to improve your credit situation.

If you're not sure what to do to make the best and fastest impact on your credit, speak to a credit counselor today about your personal situation. With careful credit management and hard work, you'll be on the road to a great credit score, and a great job, in no time!

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