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What is Credit Counseling?

Credit counseling is professional counseling for those who need to manage their debts, or improve their credit scores. It is provided by organizations that help consumers make decisions that will get them out of their difficult financial situation. Good credit counseling will involve careful budgeting and discussions regarding the appropriate managing of money.

Credit counseling can help you take a more active role in your finances. One important way to begin is to find out what all three of your credit scores are? It only takes a minute to get your Free* Credit Score! It's fast, easy and secure!

The good thing about pursuing credit counseling instead of just figuring things out on your own is that credit counselors know the ins and outs of the credit world. Many of them will do a good job of negotiating lower interest rates for debts, or even arranging to consolidate them for you.

Just make sure that you select a credit counseling company that is legitimate, since there are many dishonest individuals out there who take advantage of people facing financial difficulty.

Is Credit Counseling for You?

Do you need credit counseling? The answer to that depends upon you and your financial concerns. But, if you are struggling to pay the minimums on credit cards, are consistently late on bills, are being hounded by collections agencies, or just can't navigate all the rules and regulations of credit management on your own, then credit counseling can certainly do you a lot of good.

By choosing to speak with a credit counselor, you can tackle any of these problems, or all of them, head on, and start yourself back on the road to financial security in no time. Also, choosing to get all three of your credit scores is an important first step? It only takes a minute to get your Free* Credit Score! It's fast, easy and secure!

(*With enrollment in Credit Score Complete)