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Leasing a Home and Your Credit Rating

Avoiding More Debt with Credit Report Management

Interested in renting, but don't want to get stuck with rising rental payments? Leasing a home can save you money if the rents in your district go up. Locked in with a home lease, the landlord cannot raise the cost of the monthly payments until your contract is up.

But one thing landlords look for in leasing a home is your credit rating. Credit advocates, agencies, and experts know your good credit rating is of the utmost importance in today's society. Even if it's just leasing a home, you can bet your credit rating will be checked.

Why? Because the higher your credit score, the more likely you are to make your monthly lease payment, and to make it on time. If you don't have good credit, it's important that you work to change your rating to one that doesn't look like a risk to the property owner. Check your credit report to know exactly where you stand.

For every negative remark in your file, write a simple letter of explanation to your potential landlord. If you still have trouble leasing a home, offer a larger deposit.

You can also show your new landlords your current residence, so they will see you take good care of your property. Still not enough? If you can, find a co-signer to minimize risk for your landlord.

Making your payments on time, such as the monthly cost of leasing a home, is one way of maintaining your good credit. So is taking proactive steps like credit monitoring services. Like so many others, you too can be in charge of your finances. Take action today and try our Credit Monitoring service.