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Signature Loans

Avoiding Signature Loan Debt with Credit Report Management

Signature loans, sometimes known as personal loans or unsecured loans, are loans that are not backed by collateral. You don't have to offer anything in return for this type of loan, so they are almost exclusively reserved for individuals with good credit.

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Signature Loans often have terms of up to 60 months, and the interest rate applied to them depends upon your credit score. Because signature loans offer the borrower cash without having to offer anything as collateral, they are a very popular means of borrowing money for everything from debt consolidation to home repairs.

In recent years signature loans for people with bad credit have been offered more and more to borrowers, but in such cases the interest rates are often very high. If you are shopping around for loans, be sure to compare interest rates, and always be aware of exactly how much you'll be paying every month, and for how long.

If you have good credit you can probably enjoy the use of signature loans without any problems. If, however, you are interested in managing your debts, and the interest rates on the loans you are looking at are very high, it would be wise to speak to a credit counselor before you make any large financial decisions.

It wouldn't make sense to land yourself deeper in debt due to another high-interest loan. And with credit management tools you can manage your debts, protect your credit, and make sound decisions that will only benefit your financial future.

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