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The average U.S. credit score is 660
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Your Credit Score

Your Credit Score

How your score is determined

There are five factors that determine your credit score. Here's how they're "weighted":

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Have you stayed current with your payments?
  2. How much of your available credit are you using?
  3. Do you have a healthy credit "mix" (Mortgage, Installment(Auto) Loans, Credit Cards etc.)?
  4. How many times have you applied for credit in the last two years?
  5. What's your length of credit history (2 yrs, 5yrs, 10+ yrs)?

The bottom line: It's important to know your credit score and receive email alerts when key changes occur on your credit report -- not only to make sure the information in your credit is accurate, but also to verify that no one has used your identity to open up an unauthorized account in your name (identity theft).

Your credit score can cost you, or save you, a lot of money.

Over the course of your lifetime, your credit score can be one of your most valuable financial assets. Did you know that your credit score can save you thousands on a car loan – and tens of thousands or more when it comes to a auto loan or other financing?

Your credit score can even determine your insurance rates or whether you're hired for a job.

The average credit score in the U.S. is approximately 660. See if your score is above or below average, then find out what you can do to improve your score.

Be credit smart and save money! View your credit score now.

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